>Werk it, gurrrl.


>What a month it’s been at work!

First and foremost, I love my job. I’m thankful I have tolerable coworkers (finally!) and such understanding bosses. I went from answering simply phone calls and emails to having to REALLY use my Spanish translating skills and learn how to be a hard ass.

I’m finally at a job where my mind is constantly tested and common sense really has to kick in. It’s not difficult, but it’s certainly not the same as typing estimates and making copies.

I have even come close to doubting myself. Almost believing I wasn’t as good/great as everyone else. I guess in my mind, I wanted to be at the same level as those that have been there longer than I have. But I’m new. I’m learning. I’m getting the hang of it, and though I’m having to learn some things the hard way (in my mind, harshly, the “stupid” way). But thanks to two lovely ladies, I’ve been able to conquer my doubt and increase my confidence…
I find myself missing my “old” team of three hilariously awesome guys. But I gotta admit, I enjoy the peace and quiet I now find myself in. It’s serene in the Pub Room. Everyone helps everyone. We greet one another with smiles. It’s a different atmosphere. I guess when you work with people who enjoy their work, that’s the end result…
With this new gig, we find ourselves much more financially stable than before. It’s actually scaring Husby how we can buy things and still have plenty for a rainy day. Although, the time we spent strapped for cash did serve us as a good lesson that we’ll take with us in the days to come.
Health-wise, I’m doing great. I feel lighter, healthier. This week, I’ve increased my mileage to 6-8 miles from three mile bike rides. It helps that I can watch ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ on my phone (Whee Hulu Plus!) while pedaling my way to strong legs and firmer arse. Haha! I’ve also added strength training to my upper body. To even it out, y’know? All that is missing is a pedicure and a facial, which I’m aiming for as a treat to myself next week. Anything to help the practically self-induced stress.
Next weekend we’ll be having a weekend at the beach with the family and to celebrate my brother’s 20th birthday. I cannot wait! This weekend, we’re relaxing and doing extreme vegging. Thank God for this three day weekend, is all I can say.
I cannot believe how continually blessed we are. I simply believe that if we are kind to one another, leave hate out of our hearts and open our arms to those who need them… good things follow.
What you give out to the world is what the world will give back to you. Whether it’s positive or negative. Aim to give out positivity and love, and you’ll get that exact same thing back ♥
That’s my new credo.  

>Running on Empty


>I hate to say I give up on blogging… but some days I feel like I have.
It could very well be that I’m adjusting to my new full-time schedule. To be honest, as soon as I’m home from work, blogging is the very very last thing on my mind. I hate to say to I have NOTHING interesting to write about, because I do. It’s becoming very hard to write essays about all the lovely things in my brain.

I’ve taken to micro-blogging. From tweeting to tumbling (I heart tumblr just because I can get what I need out of me with images and quotes). I do hope the Blogging Bug infects my soul again soon enough…

But for now… this will hafta do.

>The Good Life


>Life’s been good.

I started my new job Wednesday and quickly learned the ropes. Customer support isn’t that hard, it’s just really a matter of having common sense. My boss is very laid back and has no problem with us perusing facebook, twitter, the news, etc. during down times {which I totally use to catch up on current social media news}. My coworkers are two guys and they crack me up. When I shared my first poop joke, they told me I fit perfectly in with them. What can I say, I’m a dude trapped in a lady’s body.

I love how I can choose my schedule. No worrying about running late. Lunches aren’t monitored. If I don’t want to come into work, I can easily work from home. Though I won’t use that privilege for awhile or unless Kiddo gets sick. If I want extra hours, they have no problem with me working some during the weekend.

I can’t help but feel 1000% undeservedly blessed by God. Blessed to have a great job. Blessed with a beautiful family. Blessed that when money starts to feel stretched, He always gives us what we need at just the right time. Blessed that whenever I’m emotionally down, I always find a friend in helping get my spirits back up. Blessed that I’ve never gone more than a month without a job. This time around, even when I was still employed, I managed to find a position that would nurture my creative, social side. I’ve been proven time and time again that there is definitely someone upstairs who has our back…

It’s always during religious holidays that I wonder where I stand with God. I believe in Him. I just know that I’m not being the loyal servant He wants me to be. Does He want me to be a loyal servant and what does it mean to be a servant in the first place? I try to play by the rules (i.e. The 10 Commandments). I would like to think I’m doing good, but I know that I have hiccups here and there.

Something in my heart tells me that I’m going down the right path. I just need to stop and smell the roses a bit more. I may not celebrate Christmas, Easter, etc. But I do know that I’m putting more emphasis on what matters most and that’s all He really wants.

Life is good. And I owe it all to Him. ♥

>This is a Witty Title and You LIKE It.


>I don’t get much traffic. In a way I care, but then I don’t. I mean, like I’ll ever become a popular blogger as some of the great ones I heart and follow… I really wasn’t (and still am not) sure where this would go. Where it would take me. Like a plastic bag, floating in the wind…

Anyways, as you can see, I haven’t blogged in quite some time. I’m really not much of a daily blogger, is what I’m trying to say. So, in case I do feel like blogging (i.e. twitter goes down), I have a topic to go to unless something waaay more enthralling (as if!) is worthy of spewing out onto here.
With that said… I do have some pending news that I may just share on here rather than email everyone. But emailing my friends is much more personal, me thinks. So if I have your email, and you were one of the few that wished me good luck, happy vibes and positivity… I’ll let ya know.
I just know that I need a YES or NO answer before I pee my pants and my head explodes.
So, what have YOU been up to?
P.S. This stuff is AMAZING. I bought a trial size at Target for $1.99 as I’ve never used body butter and turns out, I’m hooked. I HIGHLY recommend it. I use Yes To Carrots’ daily facial moisturizer with SPF, I love how it doesn’t make my face oilier than what it already is. Basically, Yes To Carrots is da bombuh.

>Fotograffiti Thursday – Random Shots of the Week


>I heart instagram. It’s #3 in my list of favorite iPhone apps, it’s really awesome and easy to create ‘artsy’ shots. This past week, I did nothing but shoot with instagram and here’s what I got:

 cupcakes from Sugar Mama’s Bakery at one of my favorite eateries, Austin Java

gettin’ my cook on

just minutes before Death Cab for Cutie’s first-ever live video
you can watch it HERE

i love frapped dark mocha espressos!


walked around DSW & found these heels
first pair I ever actually LIKED.

a rooster at my favorite juicery, Gonzo Juice.

after my adventure in going lighter, my hair went dead
i hate using product, but found Aveeno’s leave-in conditioner helped a bit
then switched shampoos using Pantene’s Nature Fusion Moisture Balance
it’s all i use now.
then & only then did I finally get my shiny hair back

Kiddo saw me picking up shoes & saying ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’
He proceeded to do the same
Kid’s got taste, yo!

i really liked the sign at this food trailer. retro.

the water cups they give at Chipotle.
i REALLY like it! :)

All Rights Reserved.
© Trina Hernández
Do not use without permission, please :)

>Tasty Tuesday (Home Edition… sort of).


>Yeah yeah, it’s actually WEDNESDAY… but that’s why I left Wednesdays open, for me to catch up if I missed a day. *wink*

We’ve been eating out a lot. In all honesty, we would spend $75+ a week in groceries, only for the food to go bad because, well, we ate out. In a city with a plethora of food trailers, hole-in-the-walls, how can you NOT try ’em all out? Especially when you’ve only lived three months in the city? I’m sure in five years, I’ll get all domesticated and cry whenever Kiddo will rather eat at his friend’s house than come home for dinner.

Saturday night I made an UHMAYZING homemade mac ‘n cheese. I was iffy about it, but once I pulled that baby out of the oven, I knew that for once I did not make a mess but something we could actually eat! I knew then that the oven and I are BFFs. Determined to try out my newly honed oven skills, I’d tackle on that task of making a REAL lasagna (straight from an Italian, mind you).

my lovely homemade mac ‘n cheese

Yesterday, I decided was the day. We ate out enough and a home meal sounded welcoming. I printed out the recipe and figured out what we needed. I headed to the grocery store and bought what we were missing. Then I came home and mentally prepared myself for what I was about to put myself through.

“But, it’s just a lasagna…” you may say. Yeah, well, I suffer from self-diagnosed ADD. I move from one thing to another. I’ve boiled water before and BURNT it. Yes, that can happen.

Fortunately, I married a man who is a whiz in the kitchen. Needless to say, I ended up helping. But really, the recipe was easy and though the cooking time was originally over two hours, we managed to have it all ready in an hour.

Can you say NOM!? It really did come out delicious. And though the recipe called for two pounds of italian sausage, we only used one and had plenty leftover for lunch today (and tomorrow).

A big THANKS to my lovely Italiana, Alissa for sharing such a great recipe. It’s even started a little #RecipeExchange amongst my tweetpeas! I can’t wait to try more and get my cooking on :)

>Music Monday – Ximena Sariñana


>What can I say, other than, Ximena Sariñana is one musical artist you may be hearing a lot more of. Many are calling her the next crossover artist (think Selena, Shakira, etc.). I can’t help but totally cheer on and agree! I cannot wait for her new album (which was produced by another one of my favoritas, Natalia Lafourcade) scheduled to drop August 2nd. Did I mention it’ll be in English? Her album ‘Mediocre’ is cool, calm and perfect for a rainy afternoon. Her new album seems to be more upbeat, which I’m totally looking forward to hearing that side of her.

You can catch her latest single ‘Lucky (Suerte)’ with Jason Mraz on iTunes!

A captivating interview by Eugenia Vela for Austin Vida (a local Latino lifestyle and culture magazine) is one of my favorites for Ximena. I loved how Ximena talked about her taste in music growing up, as I was able to totally relate:  I think that, like everyone who listens to pop and rock, we tend to listen to more English music than Spanish. Just because there’s a much larger variety and market for it. When I was younger, I listened to The Beatles, of course, and everything my Dad listened to. I listened to classical music, some Tracy Chapman, Paul Simon, Elton John. Then when I was around ten, I listened to all of the pop that came out. Everything from Backstreet Boys to Britney Spears, to Fey and OV7 in México.”

You can read the interview in it’s entirety HERE!

For now, here’s the official music video for her enchanting song, ‘Mediocre’. Sit down, relax and listen…